Spain – Portugal

The Spain-Portugal cross-border corridor connects the cities of Vigo and Porto. The corridor covers the complete value chain including car manufactures, telecom companies, public administrations and research institutions.

The main goal of 5G-MOBIX is to set up the basis for the deployment of 5G CCAM services and applications and give a strong impulse in both countries towards the development of opportunities around 5G in the ITS sector. The specific results of the project will be exploited by the different parts: public administrations will use the standards and recommendations for future public tenders on ITS at country level; the industrial companies will look for deployment of the applications while generating new business models around 5G in CCAM. Furthermore, this cross-border corridor will explore the challenges of seamless interoperation among different countries and between different type of carriers (public and private).

The main addressed use case will rely on the benefits of 5G technology to allow private automated vehicles to succeed in the different inter-urban complex scenarios (e.g. Vigo to Porto) while other use cases include interurban scenarios for public transport and last mile EV automated shuttle vehicles.