Working together on 5G: Three cross border and corridor projects launched at ICT2018

“We are happy to present our role in this collaboration between three 5G trial projects today at an event that effectively showcases the steps taken towards digital transformation in Europe and across the industry. ERTICO is proud to coordinate 5G-MOBIX and examine the implications of 5G through trials not only in Europe, but also in China and Korea.”– said Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe, in occasion of the ICT2018 conference in Vienna, organised by the European Commission.

The objectives of the three projects were highlighted during the “On the 5G road to Smart Mobility” session at the ICT2018 conference, which also highlighted the Commission and Member States’ efforts to support the introduction of a 5G connectivity roadmap for connected and automated vehicles through the development of a coherent digital framework of legislation and policies for their deployment whilst at the same time addressing societal and environmental concerns.

The three projects were officially started in November 2018 and will run for different durations, implementing and testing advanced cross border 5G infrastructures in Europe. Running as part of the European Commission’s 5G Public Private Partnership, the trials will make it possible to test and demonstrate connected and automated mobility services such as automated change of lanes (“lane merge”) and trucks driving in platoons partly without the need for drivers (“truck platooning”). They will also help the automotive and telecom industries to develop new business models, making use of 5G to transform online maintenance, fleet management and infotainment. These trials will be crucial to the development of 5G-enabled connected and automated mobility. The areas they cover are among ten 5G cross-border corridors already agreed between several EU countries

The projects bring together telecom operators and vendors, road operators, car manufacturers and equipment suppliers, with the support of road authorities, telecom authorities, and regional and national governments. Their combined budget amounts to €62.8 million, of which €49.3 million comes from the EU research & innovation programme H2020 (ICT-18-2018: 5G for cooperative, connected and automated mobility).