Digital Around the World 2021

Last week, Digital around the World 2021, an annual event where for 24 hours non-stop, top-level international speakers present and discuss the latest technological innovations and trends in digital transformation from the IoT to 5G, and network virtualization to smart services region by region, and time zone by time zone.

This year’s edition had an entire session devoted to 5G functionality for cross-border connected automated mobility where 5G-MOBIX developments, deployments, cross-border connectivity challenges and their solutions were discussed by Fikret Sarikaya from consortium member GT-ARC / TU Berlin. His introduction was followed by Camille Plestan from consortium member VEDECOM, who talked about how the project has managed to overcome COVID related challenges to perform relevant cross-border trials. The discussions on the trials continued with Konstantinos Katsaros from consortium member ICCS, who presented preliminary results and evaluations obtained from the early trials in which the consortium aspires to ensure that the innovations within 5G-MOBIX are validated and proven to allow the realization of cross-border CAM. The conclusion was made by Olga Segou from the consortium partner INTRASOFT who evaluated the early trial results from a different angle where several barriers and enablers were found that need to be overcome or applied to allow the deployment of cross-border CAM services.

You can download the presentations below by clicking on the speakers name.

Fikret Sivrikaya - GT-ARC / TU Berlin.
Camille Plestan - VEDECOM
Konstantinos Katsaros - ICCS
Olga Segou - INTRASOFT