5G-X-EU - Summer School on 5G Connected Automated Mobility across Europe

The 1st Summer School on 5G Connected Automated Mobility (CAM) across Europe, co-organized by the 5GCroCo and 5G-ROUTES projects with the support of the European Commission will take place on 23-24 May 2022 in Sophia-Antipolis. More information on programme and registration can be found at https://5g-x-eu.eurecom.fr.

This event is a great occasion for young researchers and undergrad students to get insights on challenges of 5G for CAM in cross-border scenarios from senior researchers from academic or industrial background. Participation may be in person or virtual.

Extended Abstracts for Poster Sessions are required for the presentation of initial or consolidated results of young researchers (master or PhD students). These should be related to the following topics, although not limited to (as long as related to 5G challenges related to Connected Automated Mobility) - Deadline: May 2nd 2022:

  • 5G technologies (positioning, QoS prediction, V2X, MEC, etc..)
  • Security and Privacy
  • AI/ML technologies
  • Feedback from 5G prototyping and Field Operational Tests related
  • Cross-protocol, cross-technology, cross-operator, cross-stakeholders and cross-border enablers
  • AR/VR, tactile technologies
  • HD-mapping and sensor technologies