5G-VINNI project published White Paper on Business Layer Design

5G-VINNI introduces the notion of 5G-VINNI Business Layer, which is a collection of BSS and OSS functions required for the operation of pre-commercial 5G testbeds and commercial 5G networks. In this white paper, we present the capabilities and design of the business layer, and a plan for the phased rollout of these capabilities along four Maturity Levels (MLs) of the 5G-VINNI facility. The MLs capture the evolution of 5G-VINNI facility: ML1 – operation for internal testing, ML2 – operation for a restricted set of customers, ML4 – outline of the long-term vision of commercial 5G-VINNI experimentation as a service. We analyse how internal and external users rank their requirements to the business layer. Thereby, we provide insights about how business layer functions should be prioritized in the rollout. In order to propose a plan for the release of the business layer capabilities, a mapping of requirements to capabilities is defined.

Download the white paper.